Welcome to the Super Yacht Group, Great Barrier Reef (SYGGBR), Cairns, Australia website.

Cairns (pronounced Cans) is a vibrant, boutique city, (160,000 people) situated on the Tropical North Queensland (TNQ) coast of Eastern Australia. It is your international gateway to the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. The world’s Superyachts have been visiting Cairns for over 17 years, many returning time  and time again. The Marina is in the heart of the city, close to the Casino, pioneering day pubs, bars and restaurants and is a welcome boost to arriving crew , many having spent long periods at sea and at anchor in previous destinations.

Cairns is home to HMAS Cairns Naval base, the largest Reef Tourism Fleet in Australia, Commercial Fishermen, Commercial bulk carriers and Superyachts. The Marine facilities and infrasrtucture have evolved around the Port and are  all accessed within 5 minutes of leaving the Marina. Many Superyachts have had extensive refits and paint work completed in the 3 Shipyards since 1995, and the expertise, solid project management and skill set are the best on the East Coast of Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef region boasts many unique features:

  • It is the only place on earth where two world heritage areas meet.
  • The only Reef system in the world that can be seen from the moon that features the 3 different types of Reef: Fringe, Platform and Ribbon and has lost none of its wonders as described in Lt James Cook’s journals of Australia’s discovery in 1770.
  • It has the best Black Marlin fishing in the world. Seriously.
  • Qualified Fishing and Diving Guides to ensure the best experiences available.
  • Luxury Tourism and Adventure Tourism sit side by side.
  • One of the best destinations for owners and crew in the Southern Hemisphere

Cairns, Australia’s premier Superyacht destination offers:

  • An International Airport and Private Jet access.
  • A world class customised Super Yacht Marina with 12 Superyacht berths to 130m, right in the city centre. Cairns is a clearing in port.  marina@portsnorth.com.au     www.portsnorth.com.au/marina/
  • 3 Shipyards all 5 minutes from Cairns Marlin Marina:

Tropical Reef Shipyard with a haulout capacity of 2500 tonnes. Lloyds accredited.

info@trsshipyard.com.au   www.trsshipyard.com.au

BSE Cairns Slipways  with a haulout capacity of 1200 tonnes and a 60m Drydock and 3 x 80m length refit sheds  and in water SY facilities. Lloyds accredited

briank@bse.net.aumailto:   www.bse.net.au

Norship Marine with a 400 tonne Travel lift , 160 tonne travel lift, refit sheds and in water SY berthage. Lloyds accredited.

 les.callaghan@norship.com.au     www.norship.com.au

  • A purpose built, state of the art  Great Barrier Reef International Marine College.     neil.wattam@tafe.qld.edu.au www.gbrimc.com.au
  • A comprehensive collection of Marine Trades and Superyacht Service providers: Qualified, Experienced in all areas of Superyacht refit, maintenance work, provisioning and training,
  • Warm and balmy weather. Temperatures ranging from 26 degrees in winter to 31 degrees in summer.
  • Excellent local attractions, fare and facilities making it a favourite R & R destination for all crew.
  • An excellent hub for to cruise S E Asia, Indonesia, Micronesia and the South Pacific region.

The Super Yacht Group Great Barrier Reef Inc:

  • Is a cluster group for the Cairns, Tropical North and Whitsunday region of North Queensland, Australia
  • We have more than 70 friendly, professional members, with extensive Superyacht experience.
  • It serves as an independent, confidential information service.  info@superyachtgroup.com
  • We have a “can do” attitude.
  • We offer a “one stop shop” for Super Yachts.
  • All members and our safe, tropical city are just 5 minutes from where you dock.
  • Come and see why Cairns is the leading Superyacht visitation and refit port in Australia.

Hope to see you soon!